What colleagues and customers have said...

You're a hero...I don't feel I need to say anymore, except thank you for your commitment and can do attitude. I feel very lucky to have you on the team.
Mark O'Callaghan, Head of News, BBC Wales

Thanks also of course to BBC Wales staff for everything during the Mid-Wales flooding - Barry is a real champion.
Maxine Hughes, BBC Network Producer

Yours is one of the most dynamic newsrooms I've visited in a long time - it was a pleasure to meet the team.
Pat Loughrey, BBC Nations and Regions Director

I'd like to note my appreciation of the work that Barry put in on Saturday with regards to the rowing event in Cardiff Bay. Without him, the piece would not have been filmed or carried. He as ever was true to his word and allowed us to see the project through from beginning to end.
Cathryn Allen, Head of Development, BBC Wales

You guys in Wales got the hang of things . and that made my life very easy indeed. Barry is a star too - especially during rehearsals when we had no talkback and all kinds of technical gremlins.
Lizz Loxam, BBC 2011 General Election Coordinator

The way you are able to engage with the young people really is a rare skill. All of the young people who attended were inspired and most of them will be applying for a work placement. You helped shape the lives of the young people who attended as you truly touched them and inspired them.
Safiya Sayed Baharun, BBC Diversity Champion

The Skillscymru Event at the Millennium Stadium attracted more than 20,000 people - 8,000 on the Thursday, 7,500 on the Friday and around 5,000 on the Saturday. So thanks for all your help in giving practical tips, personal experiences and showing a positive side to the work we do. People with enthusiasm in what they do reflect greatly on would-be recruits, and I think they left the BBC stand with a far greater understanding of what they need to do to get a job with us.
Nicola Piggin, BBC Internal Communications team

Just wanted to say thanks again for your help on setting up and manning the Sudan refugee camp sensory tent this week, and support for the work of the World Service Trust. I'm really pleased with the response.
Grace Davies, BBC World Service Trust

Last night the Safeguarding Trust training programme won the 'Bespoke Learning Solution of The Year' category at the prestigious World of Learning Awards. So many thanks indeed to all of you for the part that you played in Safeguarding Trust.
Alex Gerlis, Head of Journalism Training, BBC

Just a quick note to thank you and the team for looking after our international journalists so well over the last couple of days. They were extremely positive about both visits, to Llandaff and to the Senydd. I can’t tell you what enormous value it has for them to be able to get such great access.
Richard Tynen, Thomson Foundation

All of the attendees on your Getting the Message Across course found it hugely insightful and beneficial to their communications delivery. I asked them all to complete a short feedback form, and each contact ticked the top score box on each question asked.
Rachael Micallef, Central Office of Information

just wanted to say thanks very much for facilitating today's visit. Initial feedback has been really positive and I took a lot from it too.
Hannah Murray, Cardiff Council

Please keep up the great work and thanks again for the very warm welcome.
James Harper, South Wales Police