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Barry Michael Jones Media offers eight bespoke courses to suit your needs:

Getting Your Message Across:

A manual for businesses, organisations and charities on how to make the most of the media. Top tips on writing press releases, how to best target stories, and how to use the growing potential of social media to reach different audiences. The course will draw on my personal experiences of what gets journalists' juices flowing, as well as a wealth of experience in what works -and what doesn't - in dealing with the media.

Leaving Your Job:

A Survival Guide: A course for businesses who have to lose workers - but who still care about their welfare in the outside world. Top tips on looking for new employment, using your skills in other fields, what to do with your redundancy money - and a whole raft of information to equip you for your new challenge. Delivered by the man who has faced redundancy twice - and lived to tell the tale!

Dealing With The Media:

An upfront- and-close course about how to look and sound impressive on TV and radio. A Penn and Teller-style look behind the secrets of the media industry, with a chance for participants to practise their newly-learned skills and build confidence. Delivered by a journalist who has spent 30 years in front and behind the cameras.

Creative Creatures:

A course to unlock the tyranny of daily routines and bring out the creative beast in us all. No-one can "Be Creative" at the drop of a hat, but a series of techniques can stimulate the brain into working creatively and collaboratively to achieve stunning results. The methods used on this course are based on BBC training which had the aim of making the Corporation "the most creative organisation in the world"

Disaster Planning:

A course aimed at preparing the ground so that if disaster strikes, you're ready to deal with it. As the Business Recovery Plan Manager for the BBC's news operation for Wales, I will run through a number of emergency scenarios, giving participants the chance to make real-time decisions to prepare and equip them if the Big One happens. Aimed at businesses of all sizes and Government and local authority emergency planners.

Building A Modern Newsroom:

A course/courses aimed at  countries around the world who are looking to set up independent news operations. They might be countries ruled over the years by dictatorships who are taking the first steps to democracy, or poor nations who are looking at different ways of delivering the message to their people. The course material will be based on  three decades of experience of working in BBC and Independent TV  newsrooms.

New Ideas, Old Tricks:

A series of courses for universities and colleges aimed at giving media students a grounding in the basic skills of journalism, pitting the old tried and tested methods of finding and writing a story to the different approach of using Social Media networks to deliver compelling journalism.

Finding Nemo:

A course about finding people through old and new techniques, including those who don't want to be found. And yes, we do succeed in finding Nemo.