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The Big Boys don't have the monopoly on good ideas.

Barry Michael Jones Media offers a personal service to help businesses improve their selling power. It's all about providing solutions and devising a strategy to identify what customers want, how to best market product - and how to grow the business by using old and new ways of marketing and publicity.

Barry Michael Jones has honed his business antennae by being at the centre of a £20 million-a-year News Operation at BBC Wales. With 30 years experience in the Broadcasting Industry, he has developed a keen knowledge of the skills necessary to get your message across.

As well as being an on-screen and behind-the-scenes journalist, he has spent the last decade in a senior managerial role - specialising in Creativity, Training, Disaster Planning and Health and Safety. He has also played a prominent role in big events management and problem-solving issues.

All this transfers very well into providing imaginative solutions to the type of problems businesses encounter in their desire to grow and prosper.